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You Will Never Guess What This Is!

What this is – a rusty metal box? No! This is actually a toaster! If you are tired of having to clean it after every use, you should try this hack. All you need is a dishwasher tab and water. Simply pop the tab in the toaster and fill it with water. Leave it overnight, or for a few hours, depending on how burnt the appliance is. That rust will easily wash off in no time and you’ll have your perfect looking toaster back!

Here’s one more toaster trick for you:

Grilled cheese sandwich, anyone? It’s a favorite for young and old alike. But what about when you’re tired of cleaning the grills after every use? The next time you grill the sandwiches, try this hack – fill a glass with water and add a dishwasher tab. Let it simmer for as much time as it takes for that stubborn grease to disappear. You’ll be left with the cleanest grill ever!

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