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Learn to make a beautiful kitchen towel holder

Step 1: Mark out the area where you want to place your towel holder. It can be either rectangular, circular or even a fanciful shape, depending on what you like the most. If it’s going to be located next to the sink, choose a place where it won’t get in your way when working. Mark out a rectangle that is large enough for your particular bar’s measurements.

Step 2: Now all you need to do is fix the wooden board(s) on top of each other. If they are thin enough, use glue; otherwise use a small number of screws and drill them in at an angle. Make sure not to make any holes too close to each other – this will only help make your towel holder more sturdy! You can add more weight as well – for example, by placing some heavy items on top of it before sticking it down with glue or screws.

Step 3: Once everything is done, attach the towel bar at one end and you’re done!

Place a few towels in it and you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful creation.

Final Tips

If you want to add a little extra touch, you can cover the wood with paint or wallpaper. You can use any color or pattern that you like. This will give your towel holder an even more stylish look!

You should also be mindful of the place where you want to hang it. This will determine what kind of screws you need – for example, if it is going against a wall, screws that have little feet on them might be better suited. This will keep it from damaging the wall when hung up.

Add an extra utility by placing a few hooks on top of your towel holder – they will come in handy when hanging or drying various kitchen tools! It’s a great way to get organized and make sure every item gets its own place to hang out and stay tidy! You can make them yourself as well – just use some wire and attach them to the hooks on top of your towel holder. Voila! Your kitchen is more organized than ever before!

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