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Incredible Recycling Facts You Need To Know

Incredible Recycling Facts You Need To Know

In general, when a material or product is recycled fewer fresh materials are needed than when a product is manufactured for the first time, less energy is used and pollution to our air and water is reduced. Recycling is important to a cleaner environment.

You’ve seen the triangle with arrows ( the recycle symbol ) on plastic containers a thousand times but did you ever notice a number inside the symbol? Look at the water bottle sitting next to you or in your fridge, look for the recycle symbol and notice what number is inside it (The symbol is usually near the bottom of the bottle and sometimes on the very bottom). The number inside the triangle is probably a 1 or a 2 and is an important number to know. Below we explain what the most common numbers mean and the dangers involved, it’s simple but something we (including our children) should all know.

Important! Be sure to read the next page to find out why to never reuse a #1 plastic water bottle to drink out of. The #1 water bottle is your typical store bought drinking water bottle.

Instead of tossing something recyclable into the trash, you should do your part to make sure it gets recycled. Often times there’s designated areas to drop off recyclables. If you have a garbage collector at your home or office, ask them if they have a special container for you to put your recyclables in.


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