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How To Make Your Home Safer And More Secure

Fake a security system: This is an old trick that’s still very effective – you can make it seem like you have a security system by installing fake cameras around your garden and house. Even though there’s no actual surveillance, the intruder might think twice before breaking in. It can take some time for them to notice, too!

Fake a dog: Nobody wants to mess with a dog, regardless of how harmless it might actually be! A fake dog can be a good deterrent against burglars with bad intentions. Not only that, but your real dog will also benefit from this trick – if they don’t like the fake one too much, you can always get them their own!

Fix your doors: It can be hard to keep an eye on all entry points. If you’re lucky enough to have a dog, make sure that they can open and close every door in the house – they might be the only ones able to, actually!

Keep in mind that there are other ways to make your home safer without spending much. Just choose what works best for you!

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