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All you need to know how to make a DIY Jewelry Holder


• Two glass jars (16 oz. or bigger);
• One metal wire;
• A craft knife;
• Scissors;
• Glue.


  1. Take the two glass jars and pop a craft knife into the bottom of each one. Make sure to cut around the edge of the jar so that it doesn’t break. You can then use your fingers to pry it out and remove the bottom by cutting it straight across with scissors.
  2. Take one jar, make sure that you have removed any remains of glue or glass from it and then cut a piece of wire that’s long enough so that it will go around the circumference of the jar, using your hands or a pair of pliers to twist it around once you’re done. Use scissors to trim off any excess wire, so that you can start wrapping it around the jar when you are done. The wire should be able to fit snugly inside without sliding back out.
  3. Start wrapping the wire all around, covering as much space as possible with it while making sure to leave enough space in between for your jewelry pieces to fit perfectly into without any problems. When you are done with this part, take your second glass jar and repeat step 2 until both jars are covered with a thick layer of twisted wire – this will be the bottom of your jewelry holder.
  4. Now, take the top part of both jars and glue them together. Make sure that the wire from the bottom section is sticking out of one of the sides, so you can get a sturdy base for your holder. Let it dry and then start decorating it however you like! You can use super glue for this part, as it dries really fast and makes it easier to work with. Or you can use any other type of glue if you prefer – just make sure it dries quickly. It’s up to you to decide if you want to paint over your jar or leave it just like that – what matters most is that you now have a cute and functional jewelry organizer!

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