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6 Tips On How To Make Your Car Smell Nice Without Breaking The Bank

Use coffee grounds: If you love coffee, you should already know that coffee grounds are great for getting rid of nasty odors. Coffee beans are great at absorbing unwanted smells in your car, but there’s another way of using them. Cover a dish with a layer of coffee grounds, and then put it in the trunk. The smell will be absorbed into the car, and you won’t have to worry about changing the car air freshener every few days.

Put baking soda everywhere: Baking soda is an inexpensive ingredient that will help absorb bad odor from your car’s upholstery – just make sure not to leave it there for long periods of time because it might start smelling too much like food! Try sprinkling some powder on the floor mats and also under seats; then leave the windows cracked so that it can absorb as much air as possible. You can repeat this process every few days until you get rid of all bad smells in your car.

Use vinegar: Vinegar can be used both inside and outside your vehicle! On top of absorbing bad odors, it can also be used to clean stains that were left by food and drink spills in your car. Just leave it in a bowl with some water for a few hours, and then wipe the affected area down with a cloth. You can also put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz it on the mats.

Add a few drops of essential oils: If you like using essential oils, keep them in your car! They’re great at removing unwanted odors, especially in places like carpets. It can help make your car smell better even if it’s very old. Just make sure to use high-quality or non-toxic oils, because they might not be safe for children!

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